Classic Fantasy Halfling Militia (40) - EN

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Classic Fantasy Halfling Militia (40) - EN

Classic Fantasy is our range of 28mm hard plastic sets covering the Classic Fantasy tropes of literature and role playing games. Sets in this range should appeal to both RPG players and tabletop wargamers.

Scattered throughout the kingdoms of Men are several halfling communities. Primarily people of the earth – farmers, millers, butchers, drovers – halflings nevertheless have to make their way in a world that can be fraught with dangers. Over the centuries, they have grown their own class of warriors who work in close coordination in the face of the enemy. Sometimes these trained bands travel far afield to fight on behalf of Mannish kingdoms or in times of great peril even in the armies of the High Queen herself.

One Box contains 40 Miniatures
Kategorie: Tabletop
Artikelnummer: WAACF002


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