Bust - Security Battle Droid 1/6 18 cm

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The OOM Security Droid, predecessor of the B1, are employed by the Trade Federation in great numbers for defense and detection.

Distinguished from other OOM models by the red markings on their chest and abdomen, they often work in squads and are equipped with E-5 Blaster Rifles. Even though their programming is more complex and robust than the B1 model foot soldiers, this model is also plagued with the inability to hit the broad side of a bantha in combat.

Now you can start building your Droid army with this film accurate, painted to perfection piece. This 1:6th scale mini-bust is a limited edition that comes with a matching, numbered certificate of authenticity and includes a built-in authentic movie sound effect!
Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
Category: Archive
SKU: GENT80023


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