EasyKit Model Kit - Darth Vader's TIE Fighter 1/57 16 cm

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Darth Vader used this prototype as the basis for the terrifyingly effective TIE interceptor in the Battle of Yavin. Unlike all other TIE fighters this prototype has a deflector shield generator and a simple hyperdrive. Vader's TIE Advanced is armed with heavy twin blaster cannon on fixed mounts but has no life support systems. The TIE Advanced is characterised by a hull made of duralloy steel, an extended after deck and unique solar cell wings.

The Tie Advanced quickly became one of Darth Vader's favourite ships. Like all the TIE ships the prototype has a drive system consisting of twin ion engines. Its solar ionization reactor is reputed to be much more powerful than that of the standard TIE fighters. The TIE Advanced has proved itself in battle, as it is capable of withstanding many direct hits.

In addition the pilot'' chances of survival were considerably enhanced by the incorporation of a hyperdrive system, which enables the ship to escape from hopeless battle situations.

- no painting required
- multicolor printed
- scale: 1/57
- parts: 27
- length: 165 mm
- with illustrated assembly instructions
- movable wings
- movable cockpit cover
- including figure
- including display stand
Manufacturer: RevellRevell
Category: Collectibles
SKU: REV06655


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