R2-D2 1/6 18 cm

166,80 €
R2-D2 Statue from Gentle Giant.
ETA 06/2013

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A bold droid in personality and temperament, with a nose for adventure.
Along with his resourcefulness, R2-D2 was equipped with many tool-tipped appendages that allowed him to serve as a superior starship mechanic and computer interface specialist. Many of those tools and appendages come included in this deluxe statue. 8 accessories in total! Including a Periscope scanner, Mechanical Gripper, Utility saw and more that can be assembled into the statues exposed chest or dome panels. This finely crafted 1/6th scale, Poly Stone statue comes hand painted and is a limited edition. Each hand numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity. Pre-Order - ETA 06/2013
Hersteller: Gentle Giant
Kategorie: Archiv
Artikelnummer: 00149


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