Statue - Luke X-Wing Animated Maquette "Black&White" 20 cm

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Diese auf 500 Exemplare streng limitierte schwaz-weiße Version der Cold Resin-Statue von Luke Skywalker als X-Wing Pilot aus der bekannten "Animated" Serie ist ca. 20 cm gross.

Die Statue wird in einer schönen themenbezogener Box geliefert.


Luke on his way to Dagobah!

After being shot down by AT-AT walkers, Luke Skywalker had to duck and dodge those Imperial behemoths before finally defeating one with his lightsaber, a few charges, and the Force.

Inspired by this heroic fight against impossible odds on Hoth, this distinctive statue combines the character from The Empire Strikes Back with the unique animated style presented in The Clone Wars cartoons. Standing 8-inches tall, this terrific Gentle Giant/Lucasfilm collectible is a limited edition of 500 pieces and features a certificate of authenticity.

He'll do more than just survive in your collection. He'll pilot it to new heights!
Hersteller: Gentle Giant
Kategorie: Collectibles
Artikelnummer: GG9099EX
Limitierung‍: 500


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