Bust - Imperial Gunner 1/6 17 cm

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The ranks of the Imperial Navy are full of these black-clad soldiers tasked with manning the defenses of the fleet. Many Imperial Gunners are trainees still working to become elite TIE Pilots, while others take gunnery assignments after washing out. The most prominent feature of the Death Star Gunner uniform is the signature clamshell helmet with a slit-like visor, designed to protect their eyes from the bright flashes of light from turbolaser and superlaser fire.

The Imperial Gunner Mini Bust was modeled using digital scans of the authentic costumes and props for the utmost accuracy and fidelity to what was seen on screen. Cast in high-quality polystone, this 1/6th scale Mini Bust is hand-painted, individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This exclusive mini bust measures approximately 17 cm tall x 20 cm wide x 9 cm long.
Manufacturer: Gentle Giant
Category: Archive


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