Figrin D'an Bust (Cantina Band) 15cm

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Figrin D'an Bust - from Gentle Giant. Limited!

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Know as “Fiery” Figrin D’an to his friends and fans; Figrin was the leader of the intergalactic band of alien Bith’s known as “The Modal Nodes” (commonly known as the Cantina Band).This band of Bith musicians have been the entertainment for many rough and tumble bars across the galaxy. From the Mos Eisley cantina to the throne room of Jabba’s Palace and beyond. The Cantina band is primarily known for the unforgettable “cantina theme” heard in Star Wars: A New Hope.This 1/6th scale mini-bust is Cast in high quality poly-stone with exacting details, complete with Figrin’s Kloo Horn instrument.A limited edition collectible that is hand numbered, with a matching certificate of authenticity.
Hersteller:Gentle Giant


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